ZANSHIN matcha is an ancient Japanese stone-ground green tea powder that improves your mental clarity, focus and alertness.

Find a calmer, more present and balanced way of life through our highest quality single origin ZANSHIN matcha and the ancient Japanese philosophy of zanshin.


Amid an increased pace of life and ‘always on’ culture, we know life is better lived in a calmer, more focused and present state of mind.

Be more focused and present with ZANSHIN matcha, a ceremonial grade matcha from Wazuka Kyoto. Our matcha is considerably higher in L-theanine than regular grade matcha. And this rare amino acid induces a state of relaxed alertness.

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 – Zanshin; essential to age-old Samurai, and practiced by modern day Tea Masters, zanshin is a mind that is calm, aware of surroundings and present in every moment.

Zanshin is an elevated expression of peak performance; one of focused detachment and effortless flow.

Embrace the ritual of the tea ceremony and the philosophy of zanshin. Be mindful in the moment, connecting fully with your surroundings when preparing your tea. By turning matcha preparation into a ritual, zanshin will transcend into your daily life.


550 years ago, a strange sight on the battlefield – a teahouse, erected by the Samurai’s own tea masters. They knew the importance of facing battle with a focused and collected mind – after all, the wrong decision could mean not living to fight another day.  


Watch them – the art of flow. Whether during tea ceremony, kendo, calligraphy or flower arranging, the modern master’s mind is still, yet totally immersed in every moment.