Kuro x Shiro


Born and raised in Shigaraki, a town in Japan famed for its ceramics since the medieval period, Naoto Tanii, has followed in his parents’ footsteps as a potter.

Sourcing local Shigaraki clay, a sandy clay with a warm orange hue from Lake Biwa, together with Nara clay, Naoto’s bowls are of refined simplicity and function.

These Katakuchi (pour lip) bowls have been specially hand-made for ZANSHIN.

Material: China clay
Approx Measurements: 9cm in height, 12-13cm in diameter
Weight: 180g
Use: To preserve the quality of the bowl we recommend soaking the bowl overnight prior to first use.
Colour:  Overtime the colour of the crackle glaze will evolve to bring out its own personality.
Note: All his tea bowls are made by hand. Each bowl may differ slightly from the photo and have their own character. 

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