Matcha Starter Set

抹茶 スターターセット

Our Matcha Starter Set combining our premium Single Estate matcha with finest hand-crafted bamboo whisk. Perfect for your daily matcha ritual.

Single Estate

Wazuka's near perfect conditions continue to produce the honest, rich and authentic matcha that was revered in generations past.

Sourced directly from a small, local family-run tea farm, this smooth, round, ceremonial grade Single Estate is an exquisite example of pure Wazuka matcha.

L-theanine in Single Estate 17.4mg/g
L-theanine in regular grade matcha 4.1mg/g

(Tested by Australian Proteome Analysis Facility Ltd)

20g of 100% stone ground green tea leaves.

Grown and packed in Wazuka, Japan.

Kurotake Shin Kazuho (Tea Whisk)

Made using only the finest quality Kansai bamboo, a carbon steel knife, and 500 years of family tradition, Mr Tango Tanimura’s whisks are chosen by the grand masters of Japan’s highest ranked tea schools.

Kurotake (black bamboo) Shin Kazuho is a beautiful example of Tango’s timeless artistry. It has as a total of 144 prongs (72 outside / 72 inside).

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