ZANSHIN matcha is single origin from Japan’s oldest tea growing region, Wazuka, Kyoto. This is matcha of the finest and purest quality.

Our ceremonial grade matcha is high in L-theanine, the rare amino acid that provides relaxing properties to counterbalance the hit of caffeine to induce a state of calm alertness.


Matcha is naturally rich in L-theanine, a rare amino acid that acts upon brain function to promote a state of relaxation and well-being. L-theanine helps memory and learning ability, as it releases caffeine slowly and counteracts the jittery effects felt from caffeine. ZANSHIN matcha is considerably higher in L-theanine than regular grade matcha - giving you a more positive effect, to help you reach zanshin every day.

ZANSHIN Micro-Lot 25.7mg/g (6x strength)
ZANSHIN Aged 5 21.2mg/g (5x strength)
ZANSHIN Single Estate 17.4mg/g (4x strength)
Regular grade matcha 4.1mg/g

(Tested by Australian Proteome Analysis Facility Ltd)

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A tiny village on the banks of a winding river, nestled high in the misty depths of Kyoto’s pristine mountains, Wazuka is known as “Cha Gen Kyo” (a tea utopia). Supplying Japan’s finest matcha for 800 years - to ancient monks, exclusively to the Imperial family of the Edo period, and now to ZANSHIN.    


ZANSHIN matcha comes from only one place. Unlike most others, it is not a blend from 3 or 4 different regions. Just the best green leaves from the tips of the tea plants, from the traditional and perfect tea growing region of Kyoto.