Kurotake Shin Kazuho

黒竹 真数穂

Revered 20th generation tea whisk master, Mr Tango Tanimura, preserves the form and quality perfected in the 1500’s, when Mr Tango Tanimura ancestors began making whisks in the hills of Takayama in Nara prefecture.

“Tango”, the name bestowed on the Tanimura family by the Tokugawa Shogunate, is renowned across Japan for exceptional craftsmanship. Made using only the finest quality Kansai bamboo, a carbon steel knife, and 500 years of family tradition, Mr Tango Tanimura’s whisks are chosen by the grand masters of Japan’s highest ranked tea schools.

Kurotake (black bamboo) Shin Kazuho is a beautiful example of Tango’s timeless artistry. It has as a total of 144 prongs (72 outside / 72 inside).

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